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Tonight, at 6pm (UK time), I return to present a brand new radio show on Flipside Radio, Chester’s very own community radio station.

Each week on a Thursday evening I will be featuring a different artist, playing their hits, rare songs, album tracks, demos and giving you loads of facts about the artist and their music in the process.

For my first show I will be featuring Pet Shop Boys, the electronic superstars have been making music since 1981 and sharing it with the world since 1984, in fact it was in April of that year that West End Girls was released to become a massive club hit in Los Angeles and San Francisco. So it’s fitting that I feature this band 34 years, almost to the day, after their first notable success.

Every 2 to 3 years Pet Shop Boys have released a new studio album, with countless other special albums in between. Unfortunately we can only feature a tiny portion of their great music in 1 hour, but from 6-7pm (UK time) tonight, sit back and enjoy (or get up and dance to) some brilliant Pet Shop Boys music.

Listen online at

Flipside Radio – Chester’s home grown community radio station. Listen live right now. 

Source: facebook.com/petshopboys

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